Sedation Options Get Your Beautiful Smile In Comfort
  • Relax with safe, effective sedation options
  • Get comfortable in our tranquil environment
  • Enjoy your dental care without fear

We’ll Meet You Where You Are & Help You Relax With Our Lebanon Dental Sedation

Our goal is to help each patient achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. We understand that some of our patients, including you, may be nervous or even fearful of visiting the dentist. To make your time with us go smoothly, we offer dental sedation in Lebanon. Our sedation will help you:

  • Relax and lie back comfortably while we take care of your smile
  • Catch and treat small oral problems early on
  • Get the care you need to potentially avoid dental emergencies
  • Enjoy peace of mind about your oral health

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Overcome Anxiety & Fear With Our Gentle Care

Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. We understand that visiting the dentist can cause anxiety and nervousness. That’s why we offer sedation options to help you feel relaxed and at ease during your visit.

We offer different levels of sedation for patients who have different needs.

  • Inhaled Sedation – This is most often known as laughing gas or nitrous oxide. It is a common form of sedation that is safe for patients of all ages! The gas will help you relax and will immediately wear off once your work is complete.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – Need something a bit stronger? We also offer prescription medication that you can take about an hour before your appointment. Have a friend do the driving, and you can just relax while we work. You likely won’t even remember the work being done!
  • General Anesthesia – There are cases where we need to complete work while a patient is asleep. We can make arrangements for our patients to have this experience with general anesthesia.

In addition to sedation, our gentle approach and attentive care play a crucial role in relieving dental anxiety. We take the time to listen to your concerns, ensuring that we understand your specific needs and fears. Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment where you feel heard and supported during your dental care.

We also offer other techniques to enhance your comfort, including local anesthesia to minimize any potential discomfort during treatments. In addition, we believe that open communication and building trust with our patients are essential in creating a positive dental experience.

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Common Questions About Sedation Options

Does sedation dentistry work for most patients?

Over the years, we have found that most patients respond well to our dental sedation. If you tend to suffer from dental anxiety, sedation will most likely work for you. Our goal is to help you relax as much as possible so you can get the care your smile needs. We’ll do our best to make sure your procedure is completely pleasant.

Is your dental sedation safe?

Yes, our dental sedation is completely safe to use, especially when administered by a staff that’s as trained and experienced as the team at Adkison Family Dental. Laughing gas is so safe and mild that it is even approved for children.

Is dental sedation covered by insurance?

Dental sedation for certain procedures is at least partially covered by many insurance plans. You will need to talk to your dental insurance provider to find out more about your specific coverage, and we will be happy to assist you further in figuring out the most affordable way to maximize your comfort with dental sedation. For your convenience, we accept CareCredit.

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